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January 2015 // Categorised in:

This has been an amazing year. I sit down and think about it and I feel the most fortunate man in the world. Fuck, I work doing what I love and only this year I have won 9 international awards, I have travelled through South America giving lectures on photography, I have met INCREDIBLE people who inspire me, amaze me and give me the strength to eat the world.

This year I have eaten pasta in Vencia, sushi in Japan, mango in Philipines and ceviche in Peru. I broke my head and found myself and my childhood friends. I left music and then I realized I will never leave music, in my way. I found my dream camera, I have swum with whale sharks, sea turtles and god knows what in the Amazon. I have dived until my ears bled in the most beautiful reefs in the world and I almost passed out laughing in the bullet train. I dreamt of photos and I made them. I got excited about silly stuff and overcame some fucked up moments. I have doubted and made mistakes. I started writing my first novel and tried setting up 3 businesses, none of which worked out (for now). I have learned SO MUCH I feel like someone else… but I’m more ME than ever. My sister makes me laugh every day and I deeply love my mother. There’s not much more I can ask for.

I am inspired, healthy and happy. In fact I believe I must be the holder for the absolute happiness record right now. And I’m preparing 2015 with two big projects I have in mind which thrill me and deprive me of my sleep. Phew, life is wonderful, I hope I can give all this back some day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.