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A de Animal – I

September 2013 // Categorised in:

Really good things are happening around my music band, A de Animal. We’ll release our first album in October, we will soon be playing all over Spain, we’ve recorded a new video …lots of cool things.

Now we are spending a lot of time rehearsing and preparing audiovisual materials. In the last two months we have filmed a crazy video and we have made two pictures. Today I want to show you the first one, very dark, very instinctive. I loved taking this photo, it was like going back to the starting point. I had to forget my usual way of working and reduce everything to a minimum. A series of circumstances forced us to take the picture in just one day, and when I say “take” I mean coming up with the idea and prepare everything! Basically it was like “ok, it’s 8 pm and tomorrow we need a picture. What do we do next?”

Those who know me will know that I usually spend weeks preparing a photoshoot, and having to do it all in one day made ​​me think in the same way I did when I started taking pictures. I needed to simplify and ally myself with the situation, making the most of the resources we had, and above all, do it in a positive way. Someone once said to me something like: “Your limitations are your possibilities” and that’s what I tried to apply.

Obviously it was impossible to build any type of scenery, so I started thinking about natural locations I already knew but I’ve never used before. When I had a good one in mind, I thought a concept that would work there, and I tried to fit everything in its right place to make it possible. “But, we do not have a makeup artist…” “No problem, just paint your faces”. “And we don’t have power, how are you going to light this place?” “Hummm let’s use these two little LEDs”.
It was a tremendously creative process and it really made me happy. I’m so grateful to the members of my group (Isa, Alex and Fran) and to Adriana, they helped me so much.