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A de Animal – II

September 2013 // Categorised in:

Here I come with other picture of my music band. Another weird concept, this time tightly related to the title of the album we’ll release this October “Retransmisión de un infarto”. Right now it’s important to keep on building and developing our visual identity, I really want to reinforce the band attitude and the feeling we want to transmit in each new picture we take.

Honestly sometimes I get nervous about not being able to dedicate more time on photography, being busy with music, sports or just traveling. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by not having the time to shoot more often in order to translate the ideas I have in mind into pictures. It can be very frustrating, and several times I’ve thought about stop playing music or sports to devote more intensely to my photography.

However I’m increasingly aware that experiences in life, for example being a musician or playing sports, makes me be a better photographer. In fact, I’m sure that playing in a band makes me be a better photographer than I would be if I were devoting to photography 24/7. It’s kind of an artistic education that complements my vision, and that’s perfect for me. Maybe someday this will change, but for the moment I feel it’s enriching to be open to good experiences and to different kinds of art. Being limited to just one thing… it’s a limitation.

A de animal - Oído Records | Gonzaga Manso

Adriana Rivera, Tamar Taibo and Set-Services helped us with the shooting. Thank you so much.