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A de animal

November 2011 // Categorised in:

I’ve just uploaded a videoclip of my band. We’ve only been playing together for a few months, but I think we are creating some nice stuff. Hope you like it!


I wanted to make a dark and misterious video that would fit well with the spirit of the song. Half-naked men with animal heads, a very fancy girl whispering into their ears, scaring and at the same time attracting them. Lights and shadows, movement, energy, surreal and nonsense images (such as the gorilla in the “salon” or the horse riding another horse). Rather than telling a story, I wanted to create a very visual world to transmit a bunch of sensations which are getting carried on with the band.

From the beginning I knew that we would have a “near zero” budget, so I adapted the whole production to this situation. The only thing we bought were the masks and the bulbs, and we rented a fog machine. Everything else, including the warehouse where we shot, were borrowed. It is very important to have all of this on mind when you start a project. You have to write the videos or photos knowing what you can do and what you can get, and what you can’t. Many ideas die at birth because they are economically unfeasible, or because they could be done but not getting any good results, and that’s the worst thing you can do! Also be aware that the lack of budget can be compensated with good ideas, but also with hard work.

We spent two days shooting, and they were quite unique and fun, I really enjoyed all of this. It was great to count with Inés de León as a second camera operator to record the scenes where I was, literaly, being the monkey.

A film by Gonzaga Manso
Stylism and second camera: Inés de León
Makeup and hair: Marta Martínez Palmero
Makeup and hair assistants: Romina Ramos y Laura Domínguez
Assistant: Cris Manso

Películas Pendelton
Set Services
Julián López
Inés de León

Vocalist: Isabel Martín
Chicken drummer: Alex Rivas
Gorilla bassist: Gonzaga Manso
Horse guitarist: Fran Muñoz