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Fortune-teller – Short film


Routine and red sausage have led Mauricio to lose things he took for granted. In an act of illogical desperation, he visits a carnival fortune-teller to try and tie up the lose ends he left along the way. With the help of her crystal ball, the fortune-teller shows him an alternate reality.


On December 2015 my dog Rufo died. He was a yellow labrador, lazy and loving, who took advantage of any slip to steal some leftovers or eat a sock. Rufo left us because of cancer, it was a very sad ending. But there is one thing for which I am grateful: I could say goodbye. His last two months were full of hugs and affection, of chicken with cheese and walks in the mountain.

That feeling of gratitude, of being conscious of what I had and was about to lose, inspired me in writing “Fortune-teller”, a story that mainly speaks about loss and about how little we value things until we don’t have them anymore. And it does so through humor and irony, through characters taken to the extreme but who are also very human, through a decadent situation which is also full of magic, of dreams. Because there are times when the things we imagine are as important as the ones that happen.

Click here to watch full film.

Cast & Crew

  • Writer, director and editor | Gonzaga Manso
  • Producer | Paco Ponce de León
  • Mauricio | Carlos Kaniowsky
  • Adivina | Juana Cordero
  • Violeta - child | Desirée Fernández
  • Violeta - adult | Katia Klein
  • Director of photography | Juan Santacruz
  • Art director | Eduardo Parrilla
  • Executive producer | Luis Manso
  • Production manager | Carlos Malder
  • Sound | Arman Ciudad
  • Sound editing and mixing | Daniel Peña
  • Costume designer | Víctor Vilas
  • Make up and hair | Alberto de Andrés
  • Special effects | EFE-X
  • Visual effects | ELORA · MORGANA STUDIO
  • Music | Rafael Arnau
  • Produced by | Películas Pendelton