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Antarctica – Documentary


I will never forget the first iceberg we spotted from the ship, a mile-long, majestic behemoth floating in the middle of the sea… as soon as I saw it I knew that what would come next would be better than I expected, but above all, I knew I was doing what I needed to do. For years I’ve had the itch of contributing something more than my own ideas or feelings. I felt the urge to help raise awareness, show or even improve this place we’re living in.

This piece, named Antarctica, is just the teaser of the teaser, the whiff of sea when after 5 hours in your car you finally approach the coast; these are the first images from a much bigger project, a feature-length documentary which talks about the human being and our absurd relationship with the world.

Cast & Crew

  • Director, DoP and Editor | Gonzaga Manso
  • Text | Gonzaga Manso + Paco Ponce de León
  • Producers Antarctica | IANC // Carlos Caraglia + Carlos Nuñez + Marcos Van Dulken
  • Producer Madrid | Paco Ponce de León
  • Camera B Operator | César Domínguez Castro
  • Drone Pilot | David Ferré
  • Drone Camera Operator | Carlos Caraglia
  • Voiceover | Khephra C. White
  • Music & Sound Design | Ignacio Bonet + Dani Maldonado
  • Color | Elora // Iván Martín Ruedas
  • VFX | Elora // José Vidal Martín Ruedas
  • Produced by | IANC // Gonzaga Manso STUDIO