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Let’s go to Antarctica!


Some years ago I was lucky enough to travel to Antarctica with a small crew, a camera and a drone. From that amazing trip I brought more than the once-in-a-lifetime experience of visiting the frozen continent, I also brought many hours of spectacular footage. Glaciers, penguins, whales, infinite frozen landscapes, giant islands of ice…  

And when I came back to Madrid and sat down to watch the footage, I clearly saw a story. The story of how Carlos Caraglia, one of my travel companions and a lover of nature, unwillingly participated in the customs and behaviors which accelerate the climate change. The same climate change which all of us, him included, are trying to stop through documentaries, talks etc… And I saw the comedy of it.


Carlos is a human being who at this very moment is on a holiday in Antarctica. The penguins, who do not have cameras, will forget all about Carlos.

Cast & Crew

  • Writer, Director, DoP and Editor | Gonzaga Manso
  • Producer Madrid | Paco Ponce de León
  • As himself | Carlos Caraglia
  • Narrator | Richard Collins-Moore
  • Producers Antarctica | Visualizalo360
  • Antarctica Producer and Drone Camera Operator | Carlos Caraglia
  • Producer Antarctica | Marcos Van Dulken
  • Drone Pilot | David Ferré
  • Camera B Operator | César Domínguez
  • Music & Sound Design | Ignacio Bonet
  • Original Songs | Javier Doria
  • Color and VFX | Elora Post House
  • Sound mix and DCP | Telson