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February 2014 // Categorised in: ,

Beauty, what a word. As a photographer I find it a fascinating subject. It’s hard to decipher and analyze beauty but, even though, everybody understands it. You don’t need to go to university to feel your stomach twist when she smiles. However, it seems that society it’s always limiting it. Setting patterns. Trying desperately to define it. XS is good, XL is bad. Bullshit.

Trying to recover the classic beauty and breaking existing patterns, I have taken this picture half way between criticism and irony. Hope you like it.

Do not kill beauty.

Belleza | Gonzaga Manso

The photo is a composition of ​​three layers. The first one is a wonderful lake I photographed in Croatia (Plitvice Lakes) …. six years ago! On the other hand, both the hunter and the model were photographed in studio, during one of my lighting workshops, so my students could see the whole process. Thanks to Workshop Experience!
The most important and complicated step was to recreate the beautiful light that the lake had. We used 8 light points to get it, but I’m very happy with the result.

workshop pisci


Thank you all!

Photo: Gonzaga Manso
Model: Monika Kosek
Hunter: Alex Rivas
Hair and makeup: Carminia Albornoz
Camera assistant: Darío Aranyo
Making of: Iurdana Marugan
Coordinators: Maythe Prieto y Alberto Hidalgo
Production: Workshop Experience and Adriana Rivera