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Burkas and goats, the perfect workshop

June 2012 // Categorised in: , ,

Today I’m bringing the photo we did on May’s workshop, as well as a behind the scenes video so you can see how it all went.
I had a great time. I met awesome people and we had a very nice weekend. I also think that the shoot was quite interesting and complete, a bit of a hell to set up, but definitely worth it. I had never thought of being a teacher and I must admit that I loved the experience. Kind of strange, but cool.

We had a guest star, Cuqui aka “The Goat”, who drove us crazy with her demands and her cravings, but who finally captivated us with a beautiful performance.

Burka | Gonzaga Manso

The idea came from a visit to the props rental house while we were preparing the workshop. Seeing some elements I suddenly pictured this set in my head and the idea was there. I wanted to build a rich ambience, full of detail, but I was specially interested in the contrast of a sensual, female body with a woman totally covered by a burka. Also the goats brought a touch of irony and humor, and again some contrast with the sensual milk bath. I’m not really keen on explaining ideas, so I’ll leave it there 🙂

The light I had in mind was quite complicated, but it was perfect for explaining several things during the workshop. We used a total of 10 light sources in order to build the ambience I wanted. It’s a bit hard to explain, here’s a diagram… I’m not sure if it’s easy to read but I made it with the best intention in the world. But we must admit that my goats turned out great. The colors are meaningless, they’re just there to show what each flash is lighting.

  1. 1. Cine reflector
  2. 2. Snoot
  3. 3. Snoot
  4. 4. Bare head with straw filter and snoot cine foil
  5. 5. Small softbox without white and cine foil
  6. 6. Telezoom
  7. 7. 150cm Octabox
  8. 8. Bare head with CTO and snoot cine foil
  9. 9. Speedligth in a lamp
  10. 10. Speedlight for bath highlight

And here is the behind the scenes video


I am really thankful to the whole crew and to WorkshopExperience for all the great work they did, to Innovafoto for the equipment and to the assistants for their good vibe, it was awesome. I am looking forward to the next one! For starters I am part of a super course in early July with some awesome people: Paco PeregrĂ­n, Estevez&Belloso, Hervas&Archer and Alberto Van Stokkum. If you’re interested there’s more info on

If you have any questions about the photograph, the lighting or whatever, here I am. I hope to post new material soon, both photographs and video!


Photo: Gonzaga Manso
Production: WorkshopExperience
Model: Isa Mayor
Burka Model: Esther Hidalgo
Goat: Cuqui
Makeup and hair: Susana Biedma
Costumes: Ana MartĂ­nez Fesser
Stylist: Maythe Prieto
Digital Tech: David GarcĂ­a