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Campaign “El refugio”

October 2012 // Categorised in:

In May an animal protection organization called El Refugio proposed me to shot a video against dog abandonment. Of course, I jumped in, really excited about the idea of ​​being able to contribute to help these animals.

The film production company “Películas Pendelton” was fully involved in the project and did a wonderful job to develop the project with the little tiny budget we had. They contacted so many great people who helped us, and they found Buddy, a really cool dog for the film. Actually, it was amazing all the disinterested help we received and the great team of people who volunteered to help in this solidary project. Being all together working for a good cause was a very special experience for me.

Yesterday we officially premiered the video on the internet and various Spanish TV newscasts and newspapers talked about it. That’s nice!

I’m so thankful to all the great team that helped us shooting and post-producing this little film. Thank you all.


Father – Mario Tardón
Mother – Amanda Martín Reca
Daughter – Clara Fernández
Dog – Buddy

Director and editor – Gonzaga Manso
Produced by – Películas Pendelton
Executive producer – Luis Manso
Production Manager – Luis Fernandez Lago
Director of photography – Inés de León

Postproduction – Ferrán Piquer
Audio post – Armando Ciudad
Audio mix – James Muñoz
Narrator – Luis Fernando Ríos

Financial director – Begoña Sanz
Production secretary – Charo Ruíz

Production assistant – Laura Menéndez
Production assistant – Nacho Arrue Huarte
Camera assistant – José Burgos
Electrician – Alberto García Casado
Electrician – Javier Casado


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