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January 2014 // Categorised in: , ,

I’ve been working a lot this year. Maybe too much. I miss my personal projects, my ideas, my videos… I haven’t stopped working on commercial projects, that’s great and I can’t complain about it! But I used to have some time to focus on MY OWN photos, time that is now filled with marketing efforts, web improvements, meetings, brand creation… A bunch of stuff that’s really useful and I have to do, but that’s not what I like and enjoy about this profession.

I believe this was a phase, and it ends up right now. I needed to put a pause on my personal work and organize my “business” (it’s literally business, quotes are just because I don’t like referring to my photography like that). Now that everything is on it’s way, it’s time for me to play and enjoy all of this again. Of course commercial works are still going on, welcome clients! But it’s in my personal work where my soul is truly involved, where I can really express myself. So, soon, you’ll see some amazing new personal material!

On the other hand, a few days ago I had an interesting conversation with an old friend of mine. He’s a cool guy with a good life, a good and stable job, no complaints. Still, he misses something, in his own words: “I’d like to do something more creative, something more fulfilling.” Sometimes I forget how lucky I am for doing what I love. With that thought in mind, I rescued a behind the scenes video of a commercial session I did some time ago (Oído Records), hope you like it!

As you can see, makeup was vital. Lolita did a great job creating an orange gel with the texture and consistency we needed, without any danger for the model. Don’t try to get something similar with real paint!

I lit the pictures trying to empower the texture and consistency of the “paint”, so I used a much more contrasted light than I usually do to get more volume and brightness. That worked very well, I’m so happy with the results and moreover, we had loads of fun during the shooting, we ended all of us completely painted in orange… this was almost a year ago and I still have bits of orange paint on some of my tripods!

I’ll upload new photos soon, stay tuned!


Oído Records | Gonzaga Manso

Oído Records | Gonzaga Manso

Oído Records | Gonzaga Manso