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Eden Hostel – Short film



The Eden Hostel is a humble and dirty place run by an elderly couple. Hanging from the wall of one of its rooms there’s a statue of the Virgin Mary who narrates, from her peculiar point of view, the stories of the various guests who stayed there through the years. One of those stories, the one of Yolanda and Felix, will make a huge impact on her.


When I was 18 I wasn’t very sure about who I really was and often felt like I didn’t belong. In fact everything was OK, it was actually going better than what most teenagers could expect… and, nevertheless, I often felt lonely. Unconnected. One sleepless night I wrote to my then-girlfriend, my first love, and in the morning I found a brilliant response. A long and beautiful e-mail which changed my perspective of things and that now, many years later, inspired me to write this story. “Hostal EDÉN” is my first short film, a rough but beautiful story about loneliness.

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180 selections and 60 awards at international festivals, among them:




  • Virgin | Verónica Forqué
  • Felix | Mario Alberto Díez
  • Yolanda | Yanet Sierra
  • Landlady | Juana Andueza
  • Landlord | Rafael Revuelta


  • Writer, director and editor | Gonzaga Manso
  • Director of photography | Juan Santacruz
  • Art director | Eduardo Parrilla
  • Executive producer | Luis Manso
  • Production Manager | Luis Fernández
  • Assistant Director | Paco Ponce de León
  • Sound | Arman Cuidad
  • Sound editing and mixing | Daniel Peña
  • Costume designer | Victor Vilas
  • Make up and hair | Alberto de Andrés
  • Visual effects | Ferrán Piquer
  • Music | Rafael Arnau
  • Produced by | Películas Pendelton