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The Pond

February 2016 // Categorised in: ,

Today I’ll share with you guys how I created my latest image. This is a very personal and special photograph for me. It’s a photograph that talks about love. A calm, sincere and deep love that overcomes barriers and lasts long. It’s a photograph that talks about getting old alongside the person you love.

I always try to tell a story with my images, most of them are based on what I feel or what I’ve experienced. I’m really happy with this image, because it really tells the story I needed to tell.

The Pond | Gonzaga Manso

When creating personal images I don’t rely on post production to add or erase things, I just prefer to control everything during the shooting and have everything there. In this case, that meant we needed to build a pond, fill it with water and plants and set the perfect lighting for the image. That’s a huge amount of work, but that’s the way it feels right for me, and I really enjoy the process.

“Why didn’t you go to a real pond?” It’s simple: because I couldn’t find the one I had imagined. I wanted to control everything: the plants around it, the water ripples, the light… Here you have a behind the scenes video showing the process:

This was the first time I used Broncolor equipment. We used three Broncolor Move 1200L with two heads attached to each one. I was really surprised by the duration of the battery. If you don’t use the modelling light you will get an insane autonomy, absolutely great. I’ve worked with other portable lights before and this one is the clear winner. The extremely short flash duration of these power packs gave me the chance to freeze water completely, getting a very sharp image.

I’ve explained the lighting set up in the video, but here you have a lighting scheme.

I’m really happy with this photograph and with all the creation process around it. The whole team did a wonderful job, THANK YOU ALL.



Photo: Gonzaga Manso
Cast: Blanca Castillo & Jose Luis Matienzo
Art Director: Laura Lostalé
Art Assistant: Sara Virumbrales
Camera Assistants: Pedro Martínez, Silvia de Castro & Cris Manso
Making of: Paco Ponce de León
Music: Matatigre – Forest


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