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Eyes of Fire



“Eyes of Fire” is a feature film project currently in development.  Two pieces were shot as proof of concept, a teaser composed of several scenes, and a scene taken straight from the script.


I’ve always thought that your most authentic and real “self” takes place around your twenties. That carefree, dreamy youth is clearly imperfect and chaotic, but if you take away the most superficial layer and leave the core, you get the true essence of who you are. From time to time I wonder: “Am I betraying that younger version of myself? What would that post-teenager think of me, would he be proud? or ashamed?”

Well, EYES OF FIRE is a script that takes me back to the feelings, reflections, dreams and insecurities of that stage of my youth. And these feelings and ideas are amplified, shaped, adapted and projected through the characters. I believe that the film will transport viewers to a particular world, a private and hyperbolized one but which we all share in some way. And that core feeling of youth, full of freedom, existential doubts, love and sex, is the breeding ground where everything else develops: the plot, the characters’ evolution, the tension, the betrayal and the reunion.


Zoe and Nacho are in their early twenties and they live and work in a carnival. Their intense relationship will be interrupted when a corpse appears in the tunnel of terror.

Cast & Crew

  • Writer, Director and Editor | Gonzaga Manso
  • Producer | Paco Ponce de León
  • Zoe | Almudena Amor
  • Nacho | Víctor Pajares
  • Mauricio | Blas Caballero
  • Director of Photography | Luis Guijarro
  • Sound | Arman Ciudad
  • Music | Javier Doria
  • Costume Design | Oscar Guimarey // Julia Gándara
  • Make-up and hair | Dani Zúñiga // Pablo Díaz