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Home Sweet Home

July 2011 // Categorised in: ,

Home Sweet Home | Gonzaga Manso

Finally, some new stuff! I’ve spent a lot of time preparing this session. In fact this is the most complicated scenery I’ve ever done in my personal work. Furthermore, having a luxury actress like Dafne Fernández and clothes from the designer María Escoté, I wanted everything to be perfect .

The whole project is based on a character I had imagined. A woman who lives with her dogs in a ramshackle cottage lost in the Russian steppe. Snow, vodka and moose to eat. She is a very strong survivor, but at the same time a beautiful and delicate woman. A little bit of craziness, aggressivity and sweetness completes the character. I think all this contrasts are very interesting. From the very beginning I knew what kind of photo I wanted, but I didn’t really know what she will be doing on the video. I kept thinking about it until I got the idea : I wanted her to dance. To dance like a teenager in her room singing her favorite song (probably a Backstreetboys hit) but of course, adapted to the character and her circumstances.

Based on this idea, we started to build the scenery. Although we spent few days building the set, with the help of Alba, the art director, everything turned to be really easy. In fact it was really fun, because we had no budget so we needed to find creative ways to build it. For example, the floor is made of wood boards we found in some industries. They came from old disassembled pallets and they were about to throw them away, so we get them for free. Obviously we had to prepare and paint that woods, but I think we have got a great result! Another example are the props. My grandparents lend me almost everything, they are amazing. I think we finally get a great scenery that fits perfectly with the character I had imagined. Here you have a behind the scenes video showing all the process

It was a great pleasure to work with Dafne Fernández. She had an amazing attitude, always ready, always wanting to improve…she is the kind of person who loves her job, and I think that makes the difference.
The heat was terrible and she was on a fur coat, but she keep on dancing and acting incredibly well, totally focused on what we had to do. She did an amazing work

There are too many people who have collaborated in this session, I’m really thankful. It has been a great experience, thanks all!

Here you have the video we filmed:

Photo and video: Gonzaga Manso
Actress: Dafne Fernández
Production: Inés de León
Art director: Alba Sueiro
Second unit camera: Paco Ponce de León
Make up and hair: Marta Martínez Palmero
Sound desing: Alex Rivas Vega
Voice actress: Isabel Martín Hevia
Music: Vladimir Vysotsky
Dog: Scooby
Clothing lent by María Escoté

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Beatriz Prieto
Alicia Lorenzo
Jose Antonio Martínez-Piñeiro
Myriam García Andrade
Belén Caruncho
Diego Pavón
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