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Le petit prince

September 2011 // Categorised in: ,

This summer I’ve completely left my computer aside. I’ve been all day at the sea, relaxing and having a good time. I was really in the need of it, and I’ve enjoyed it so much! But this doesn’t mean I haven’t done some pictures, I’ve had three photoshoots that now I must edit and upload. To stay all day in front of a screen it’s going to be pretty hard…but it’s time to do it.

The first session was with Eloy Azorin, an amazing spanish actor. I was inspired by The Little Prince, but in fact it was only the starting point, because the concept evolved and changed away from that reference. I wanted to mix some darkness with a childlike innocence, a silver paper crown for an imaginary king, the weight of a self-imposed responsibility, failure…



After the session with Dafne Fernández, which required a lot of scenery work, I looked for something simpler that could perfectly match with the concept. Here you have a little behind the scenes video:

Well, I’m not writing more because today is my first computer day. I’m going for a walk, I hope you’ve all had a great summer!

Photo : Gonzaga Manso
Model: Eloy Azorín
Production: Inés de León
Makeup: Karolina Szumilas
Stylist: Ana Martínez Fesser
Crown: Alba Sueiro