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Lighting Gear

February 2016 // Categorised in: ,

It’s really exciting to open the door of the studio and find a HUGE package full of new awesome gear waiting for you to use it. Bye bye limitations, welcome new possibilities.

Lighting Gear

I feel really lucky for having won this broncolor sponsorship. The lighting equipment is the photography gear I value the most. For me, it’s far more important than the camera I use. The light will define the atmosphere, the mood and the aesthetics of the image. It will reinforce the personality of the characters and it’s absolutely vital for conveying emotion. Light is an incredible tool, I love it.

Broncolor gave me the chance to choose the equipment I wanted. It was like writing the best letter to Santa Clause ever! I took their catalogue and I planned carefully what to choose. I tried to balance my needs and get the most useful gear for my photographic style. If you want to know what I’ve finally chosen and why, check out the following video! By the way, when I was writing the English subtitles I noticed I speak so fast. Maybe this is a good chance to practice your Spanish or at least improve your reading speed 🙂 Just kidding, next time I’ll record it directly in English.

Hope you like it. Have a nice day!