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“I have the conviction that you don’t exist, but I hear you every night”
Mermaid, Mario Benedetti

A few weeks ago I had a session with Laura Díaz. Willing, talented…she is very cool, it was a pleasure to work with her.


The whole concept was based on a very intense dream I had several years ago. I didn’t want to capture the dream itself, but the feelings it produced on me. The Benedetti’s verse I wrote above has much to do with those feelings, and summarizes the experience I lived. It’s very nice to work with such ideas, but sometimes it is hard to explain the team what I want to achieve…however, it’s amazing when it works!

Sirena | Gonzaga Manso

Sirena | Gonzaga Manso

I have recorded a behind the scenes video to show you how these pictures were made. This time I didn’t focus on explaining the light setup because it was pretty simple and I mostly used just one octabox. I wanted a soft ethereal light, so the octabox was perfect to get it. I had to be careful with the white walls because they worked as reflectors. I was also concerned about the exposure differences between the white walls and black balloons, but with this soft lighting I was able to hold contrast. Also, I didn’t want double flash-reflections on balloons, so using a single source of light seemed to be the perfect solution. Here is the behind the scenes video:


Right now I have many doubts about what I’m going to do in the near future. I know what I want to achieve, but I’m not sure about which is the best way to get it. I’m considering moving out of Spain, New York would be great ….damn visa. I feel like I have to take a step, is time to give a twist to my life…but still not quite know how. Maybe it’s not about a change of place, but of concepts, to deal with different projects… Anyway, it’s exciting to feel this way, I can almost smell the changes!


Thank you all!!

Photo: Gonzaga Manso
Model: Laura Díaz
Production: Inés de León
Make up and hair: Marta Martínez Palmero
Assistant: Esther Delgado