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Torera | Video, photos and behind the scenes

June 2011 // Categorised in: , ,

With some delay I finally wrote a new blog entry. I’ve been busy… some advertisement shots, meetings and a lot of life planning. I’m really happy now.

I wanted to focus this photoshoot on fashion and beauty, but keeping my personal style and looking for pictures with high visual impact. I wanted to shoot some pictures but also record a little movie with the aesthetics and tempo of a perfume ad. Why I wanted to do this? to enhance my portfolio and aim it to the works I‘d like to do. I would love to film and shoot campaigns of big brands like Loewe, so trying to focus my work on that aesthetics it seems to be a good plan! It might sound silly, but knowing what you want to do is definitely essential to achieve it. I think the more you know where you want to be, the simplest is to get there.

Here is the spot. Check out the photos on flickr or on my Website.

We have recorded a behind the scenes video of the session. You’ll see I’ve illuminated with continuous light instead of using my flashes. I have taken this decision for being able to record the video with the same lighting used for the photos. Also I wanted to shoot the picture of the floating fabric at a slow shutter speed to get a nice sense of movement, and that is not possible with a flash. Here you have the behind the scenes:

I’m preparing another post with some curiosities of past sessions. If you want to know when I publish it (and I’m sure you want) follow me on Twitter or Facebook!


Photo and video: Gonzaga Manso
Model: Fallone Mabungu
Production: Inés de León
Makeup and hair: Karolina Szumilas
Assistant director: Clara Valle
Camera assistant: Mate Nemeth
Art : Alba Sueiro
Seamstress: Ana Fesser